From the Penguin Blog:

Hello Penguins!
I was able to track down a small glimpse of the lighthouse that I wanted to share with you (top right diagram)! I can't give any more details right now, but you'll be able to see more when the lighthouse opens on Friday. Speaking of that, we've got a few surprises up our sleeve that I'm sure you're going to love, but you'll have to wait and see what they are. Some of them will be revealed right away, and others will be revealed over the next few weeks. Either way, there are a lot of cool things happening around Club Penguin in the coming months, and this is just the beginning!
In other news: The new log-in screen is still being worked on and we hope to launch it sometime next month. It has some cool features you've all been asking for and a lot of features that will make updates a lot easier for us, which means we can spend even more time working on new games, new catalogs, and new features for Club Penguin!

UPDATE: The LIGHTHOUSE IS ALREADY OUT... (I already have pictures of it on "LIGHTHOUSE IS OPEN!!!!")

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