New Pin!

Hey, everyone, there is a new pin out (top diagram). It is at the Lighthouse. It is a pretty decent pin, a Lifesaver. Later I will have a challenge for you...

New Mission

Hey, everyone, for SURE there is a new mission. And it's coming Monday! You should check. To get to it, in this week's newspaper, go to the Aunt Arctic section and click on the TOP SECRET folder that the agent is holding. The pics are coming later, when my computer is working.



Hey, everyone, if you're wondering where all of the old posts went, they're in the archives. The archive is down in the side bar. Just click on the month and you go to all the posts that were posted in that month.


New Furniture Catalog!

Hey, everyone! Sorry I couldn't post for a while because of the Call Of Duty 3 tournament, PS3 launch, and the Wii launch. Anyway, here is what this post was about. With the new furniture catalog in place, we will probably have a very happy Christmas time. They have added 2 new pages. There is the Christmas page (top) and the Red page. The picture for the red page is coming soon. (I just don't have the time to go on CP with my Wii. They are also coming out with 3 games!! (look below)

From The Club Penguin Blog:

"Hello Penguins!

Hopefully you're feeling more in the Holiday spirit with the new furniture catalog that was released today! We know its a bit early, but we want to give you all as much time as possible to decorate for the season! We're also going to be doing an igloo music update soon that should be in time for all your igloo Christmas parties!

In other news: There are some cool new features coming out like the new Puffle water feature (which is awesome) and the new color. Speaking of the color, don't forget about the member party coming up to celebrate Club Penguin's newest shade.

As always, we're also working on other new stuff! We've got three new games in production that will be released in the coming months and we're working hard on decorations for next months Christmas party. As for the missions, you'll have to check the HQ for more hints on that."

Notice, that there's going to be a new color. If you look in this week's newspaper, you get to vote. If you really want your color to win, then do this. Open the newspaper then vote. Then exit the newspaper, then go back in then vote.

HApPy HaCkInG!!

-Dark Blader


Color Party!!! (member only)

As mentioned in The Penguin Times, there will be a member-only color party on November 24th to celebrate the release of the new penguin color--either lime green or lavender depend on the result of the votes.

The new color will be available for everybody on December 1st. Will it be lime green or lavender?? Let's wait and see.

Also, there's a secret note in The Penguin Times about the new mission for secret agents, but no-one has found it yet, so keep hunting for it!!

Until then,


Server Upgrade!!

As mentioned in the Club Penguin Developer Blog, Club Penguin is having a big server update tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9:00 pm(pacific time), users will not be able to login to Club Penguin during that time. This will make Club Penguin runs faster and more stable, so just be patient, it doesn't hurt skipping Club Penguin for 1 day or 2.

In other news, the new mission is finally coming! There will be a secret message in the newspaper (in tic-tac-toe code) that tells you more about it. Also, there's still some BIG secrets (including new rooms!!) in the Jet Pack Adventure that nobody has found yet, so keep hunting for it!

As many penguins have requested, there will be 2 new colors in the catalogue late November--lime green and lavender, they are already up in club penguin, but you can't get it unless you hack for it and hacking is no good (just kidding, happy hacking!!).

Until then,


Blog Forum!

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the delay of posts, so here is a reward for your patience. I got us a new forum for the blog! The URL is: thepenguinexp.iforumer.com.
If the URL doesn't work, the link is here.
You'll need to register, though...
Anyways, lucky that there's no ads!

P.S. : This was my secret project for the few days I was gone. (not including the blackout) Watch out for the new furniture catalog!

Top Secret!

From the Club Penguin Blog:

"Hello Penguins,

I hope you're all still having a lot of fun with the new game. So far it looks like most of you like it. Thank you all for your feedback! I must say there are still some secrets that I don't think anyone has found yet, but I can't tell you more, so please don't ask.

Speaking of secrets, one of the most exciting things we're working on and getting ready for is something that is for Secret Agent penguins only so I can't talk about it here, but please keep checking the newspaper and the HQ for more updates on that. All I can say is, its coming and its going to be awesome!

In other news: We're going to do another big server upgrade next Wednesday. This one is a big one and will require a few hours of down time, but it should speed things up a bit more. We will give you more information with exact times for everyone next week."

P.S. : Thanks Jsonne, for filling me in, I had a blackout for a week. Also, everyone, watch out! A new feature is coming to this blog.

New Pin!!

Well, the new pin is released!! It's the Jet Pack pin because the game "Jet Pack Adventure" was released on Monday.
The pin is located among the rocks in the beach as shown in the diagram. By the way, there is some delay in the top secret mission, but it is coming next week.
Keep hunting for secrets!!
Until then


Jet Pack Adventure!!

Finally A NEW GAME--Jet Pack Adventure is launched!! Go to the beacon and click the launch pad to play!! It has 5 levels:

Level 1: Beacon -> Town
In this level, you fly straight up at the very beginning, and you will get a bunch of coins. Then, fly to the right side and get those coins. If you don't have much fuel left, just fly around, there are fuel packs every where. In order to get through the windmills, fly in the same direction as the windmill, so it won't hit you.

Level 2: Town -> Plaza
This level is still easy. Fly alone the highest point, and you will see an extra jet pack. Collect it!! You will need it later on. After you get the extra jet, free fall until you see an extra fuel, you probably will be low in fuel now, so collect it, but be careful not to hit the bean bags and the anvils.

Level 3: Plaza -> Ice berg -> Mountain -> Cave
This level is the longest of all. First, you fly from the plaza to the ice berg. There will be coins around trees, but be careful in getting them because there aren't many fuel packs alone the way. When you fly above the water, free fall down, there will be fuel packs and bonus coins, but don't get hit by a fish/shark/buoy/hot air balloon!! After you passed the ice berg, and got to the mountains, fly alone the highest point. Eventually you will see a windmill with an extra jet pack stuck in it. Fly the same way as the windmill, and you will get the jet. Then, free fall down and you will get a fuel pack. Don't try to get the coins inside the branches unless you have lots of fuel. Finally after you fly over the highest mountain, you will get to the cave. That is the end of level 3.

Level 4: Cave entrance -> Ice cave
This level has lots of coins, but also very dangerous. There are 2 ways of passing this level.

The first way:
This is the easiest route. First, fly right and free fall down. Continue following the tunnel until you get to the lake in the cave. There will be fishes and lots of coins. Get them and fly to the far right side. Fly all the way to the top and turn right. Don't land on the launch pad yet, free fall down to the bottom and you will see some coins, a fuel pack, and a extra jet pack.

The second way:
You should only try this if you are a experienced jet pack flier. Fly right side and free fall down, a triangle warning sign should appear. Go through that tunnel. It's a short cut, but it's very narrow. The good thing about it is that you get lots of big coins. After that, if you feel like you want more coins, free fall all the way down to the underground lake. Fly to the far left side while getting massive coins. There will be a fuel pack there. Fly back and fly upwards until you reach the top. Then, turn right and free fall to the bottom. Get the fuel pack, coins, and the extra jet pack there. Then, fly upward and land on the launch pad.

Level 5: Ice cave -> Mine.
This level is mostly free-falling. Hold on the down arrow while you move left or right and you will save lots of fuel. Eventually, you will get to a point where there is a triangle warning sign. Fly up through that narrow tunnel and there will be a fuel pack, a few coins, and an extra jet pack. Fly back down and continue the free fall. When the tunnel split into 2, always fly through the tunnel on the left side. Eventually you will get to a place with lots of coins and a fuel pack. Get them all and continue free falling on the right side tunnel. After you get to the bottom, don't land yet, there are 6 coins on the left side. Then land on the launch pad. Congratulations, you've completed the game!!



Well, of course everybody is very excited enough about the new game and the new mission next week, but there's still other stuff that is waiting out there.

First of all, the Black Letterman Jacket is out!. There's the Green and Pink Letterman jacket, so why not black??

Also, either Red puffles or Brown puffles will arrive in Club Penguin in December when Captain Rockhopper returns. You see, there has been a demand for red puffles and brown puffles for a long time. And also Club Penguin did not reveal the color of Yarr, Captain Rockhopper's puffle, and that puffle is shy to see other penguins. There's a good chance that Yarr is not an ordinary puffle that is found in Club Penguin.

More secrets coming soon.


New Clothing Catalog!

Hey everyone! There is a new clothing catalog! (the furniture will come later)

Here are the new items.

500 C Parka
300 C Snowshoes
625 C Pink Duffle Coat
250 C Blue Earmuffs
600 C Russian Hat
120 C Green Toque
550 C Black Letterman Jacket
200 C Pilgrim Hat
3 Backgrounds (Platform Background, Igloo Background, Zigzag Background)

Secret Items

480 C Ski Goggles - The "Wear" in "Winter Wear" (second page)

250 C Black Cowboy Hat - Light Brown Eyeglasses (tenth page)

150 C Blue Scarf - Feather Boa (sixteenth page)

750 C Red Viking Helmet - "X" on the Player Card - then click on the Viking Helmet on the penguin (last page)

1200 C Blue Viking Helmet - Viking Helmet on the Penguin (4 times) (last page)


New Game!!

From the Club Penguin Blog:

"Hello Penguins!

Hopefully you're not too stuffed from all the candy last night! Well, we're getting close, so I am able to tell you a bit more about the new game coming out next week. This is the biggest game Club Penguin has ever seen and it's levels will take you all over Club Penguin which means some of you might just use it as a way of getting from place to place. It is also filled with some cool secrets and hidden areas so be on the lookout. I can't say much more right now, but check tomorrows newspaper for more details.

In other news: We've finally launched the new Canadian servers. We apologize for the delay, but we weren't able to launch them in the middle of the Halloween party. Speaking of the party, it was by far the biggest party Club Penguin has ever had! We're going to make sure we have a lot more servers ready for the Christmas party!"

In other news, the new spy mission will be out this week or next week together with the jet packs.

How To Be A Ninja

There are no ninjas yet, only Billybob, Rsnail, Screenhog, Gizmo, Happy77 and other moderators can get ninja clothes and stuff (lucky them!). I went to the Club Penguin mod site which is icebox.clubpenguin.com. You will not be currently not be able to enter the site because they blocked it, but I had a sneak peek on the current projects for the rest of 2006 and discovered that ninjas will be implemented later on November.

1. Go to the Dojo.

2. Stay there for 30 min. (max is 10 until idle; throw snowballs or dance to extend the time)
3. See 3 penguins with blue and black bands.
4. They will ask you if you want to be a ninja.

Note: Don’t do it yet because it will never work, just try it in late November. I'm not sure if they will be implementing this next month, so don’t blame me if they don't. Another thing, since I just posted the tutorial, people should stop asking questions on how to be one.