Today, until January 2, 2007, is the CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! THANK YOU COLD FRONT! There is snow everywhere! I have some pictures of the party here. You can get a Santa beard at the plaza (left diagram) and a Santa hat at the snow forts. (right diagram). The dock is also transformed into a natural ice skating rink. The beacon's light is even a HUGE Christmas light. There is also a Candy cane pin, but that's coming later.

From The Club Penguin Blog:

Hello Penguins!

I hope you all made it through the storm and are having a lot of fun with all the new snow! I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah from the Club Penguin Team. We've been working hard on this big party for everyone and we hope you all have a lot of fun!

We've got some really cool things planned in the coming months, but I'll tell you more about that later.

Until then... Waddle On!

- Club Penguin Team

Christmas Gift to You

Here is The Penguin Blog Team present to all of our visitors (courtesy Dendo Guy).

Club Penguin Coin Hack

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

I am going to teach you how to hack 999999 Coins on Club Penguin every time you play Jetpack Adventures. It may seem very complicated, but when you have done it 2-3 times, it gets so much easier.

1) Load WPE PRO (if you don’t have it go to http://wpepro.net/index.php?categoryid=9, it will ask you to log in, use Boomeyrang and Password boomey) and go to the Jet Pack Game

2) When it says “Do you want to play Jetpack?” Click yes but don’t Start the Game, go to WPE and Click Play.

3) Go back to the Jet Pack game and get about 6 Coins then Die. When you Finish click Collect Coins. Then Quickly Click Stop on WPE.

4) Maximise the Packet Recorder Box and go near the Bottom and look for 1 that Says send and a Load of Numbers and then your Score!

5) Right click on the Correct one and click Send. Put the Packet number up to 19.

6) Click on the number that you got for your Score or the number of coins you got (they are the same) and then type 999999%.

7) Click play Button and go to Club Penguin. It should say you have 999999 Coins!

There you go! I suggest doing this on a test account first.


Thin Ice!!!

Club Penguin released the new arcade game--Thin Ice--earlier then expected! It's a puzzle game about moving a puffle through ice while trying to melt everything and safely get to the end.

There are 20 levels in this new game, starting very easy, and gradually increase in difficulty to melt all the ice. It's very easy to pass a level, but the more ice you melt, the more points you get. A bonus point is assigned whenever you melt all the ice on the screen. The maximum score--if you melt all the ice in the 20 levels, you will get about 600 coins or more.

I will post the guide to the game soon...
Keep watching for more info.


Help Icy Fresh 2!!

If you know Icy Fresh 2 (you probably do, he is known for his infamous site. Don't worry, we're buddies.), PLEASE SUPPORT HIM. He has many bad things happening to him because of hacking. (don't worry, I'm a good hacker, not like 1 Fiddy, who wrecked his site) Here are the things.
  1. Gotten banned from Club Penguin.
  2. Site wrecked by 1 Fiddy, explained later.
  3. Has been betrayed by one of his friends, Dapryn (1 Fiddy is using his account).
  4. Had to make a new account on Wordpress, Icy Frech 2, because Icy Fresh 2 was banned.
But, there is always the good against the bad.
  1. Got many people rooting for him.
  2. Everyone supporting him is technically spamming CP's e-mail with "Un-Ban Icy" titles.
  3. I am supporting him.
Now, about 1 Fiddy. 1 Fiddy is just a very evil person that wrecks EVERYTHING (friendships, blogs, connections, posts, etc.).

So, please support ICY FRESH 2!!!

RED HOT UPDATE: Icy Fresh 2's blog is now up and running thanks to Dendo Guy!! Yay! Visit it at flyboy6464.wordpress.com.


New Catalogs!!

Today, 2 new catalogs--the Furniture catalog and New Igloo catalogue--are released!! There's a new igloo--a snow globe in the igloo catalogue!! It's so cool! If you are a member, go get one now!! There are new snow furnitures in the furniture catalog, and a few secrets too!!
1. Click on the logs inside the fireplace, and you will get a wooden stove.

2. Click on the fish at the bottom of the grandfather clock, and you will get a big screen TV.

PS: keep hunting for secrets!!
Until then...

New Pin!! (and new arcade game!)

A new pin is released on Thursday!! It's the Christmas tree pin. You can get it by going to the A4 page of the newspaper, and buy one of the ornaments. The bonfire pin did not get removed from the ski lodge though...

In other news, new arcade game is going to be released on Tuesday!! It's called "Thin Ice." It's about guiding a puffle through thin ice. The puffle will melt the ice, and you will need get through an area without getting trapped (and drowned). Keep watching for more info.

PS: I will post the guide to the new game very soon

Until then...


Rockhopper Appearance

Captain Rockhopper appeared in Club Penguin and chatted with other penguins!! Look at the diagram and you know what I mean!! He could be anywhere in any server right now. I think he is probably a penguin controlled by a moderator...
If you don't get a chance to talk to him, it's fine, but keep an eye out for him all the time!!

Here are the places where he has appeared so far:
The Ice Berg, The Migrator, Snow Forts.

In other news, a new arcade game is on the way... it would probably be released in January or February. keep checking this site for more info.

The player card seems to be fake for many reasons.
1.) There is a winking smile for the "Add Friend" button.
2.) The buddy active sign appears in the top left of the player card, even though he is not your friend, which leads me to the next one.
3.) If he is your friend, there should be a find button. What do you know? It's not there...
4.) The picture of Captain Rockhopper shouldn't be over lapping the buddy active sign.

This leads me to the conclusion that Club Penguin made this player card in a hurry! Sloppy work!

Until then...


Zero-Coin Jetpack Challenge

Remember in the newspaper G said that some penguins are trying to pass the game without getting any coins at all!! Haven't you been wondering what does that do?? Well, you get a HUGE bonus if you don't get any coins at all!!

As shown in the right diagram, if you complete the game with 0 coins, you get 1000 coins bonus!! It's not that hard to pass the 0 coin challenge, and the reward is worth the work!! Here is how to pass each level without collecting coins:
level 1: pretty straight forward. There are lots of spaces for you to pass through.
level 2: be careful about the fans, try to fly below them.
level 3: the coins are mostly near the ground or sea, fly high up in the sky, and you can avoid every chance of collecting coins!!
level 4: at the very beginning, fly down against the ground at the very beginning, and probably you can pass those coins... The rest is easy. Also, remember to get the extra jetpack at the end!!
level 5: the most tricky level. Don't free fall too fast, instead because you probably have 2 extra jets by now, fly extra slow. When there are 2 tunnels to choose from, always go for the wider one.
How to land without fuel: hover above the launch pad until you run out of fuel!

PS: thanks Qazarpenguin for the tip!

Until then..


New Pin!

Finally after 2 weeks, another new pin is released!! It is a bonfire pin located on the fireplace in the Ski Lodge (see right diagram). I don't know what it has to do with anything that's happening in Club Penguin. Maybe it's just about winter... and Christmas... Also, there are some free items on Rockhopper's ship!! Go get it before Captain Rockhopper leaves! Keep looking for secrets! Until then... WADDLE ON!! (with a big smiling face)


Lots of new stuff today!!
Captain Rockhopper's pirate ship--the Migrator landed at the beach today!! He brought back lots of great items including red puffles!! It turned out that my prediction was right--red puffles would be brought here by Captain Rockhopper. The most surprising part is that the they can be adopted by any penguin--including non-members and members!

It does lots of cool tricks!! Like it plays "bowling"--roll itself like a ball towards a bunch of bowling pins, and it likes surfing while taking a bath!! It also likes to play cannon-blaster, what I mean by that is if it's very happy, it will wear a helmet, climb into a cannon, and BLAST OFF!! Then, it will parachute down... Red puffles are by far the coolest puffle in CP!! When you feed it a cookie, it will throw it like a frisbee, and when it comes back, the puffle open it's big mouth and eat it!!

Here are some facts about red puffles:

However, you will not see those red puffles in Puffle round-up because they come from Rockhopper Island.



Hopefully you are enjoying the new mission--G's Secret Mission. It's fabulous!! However, this mission is a lot more challenging then last one.

Here is the guide to the mission:
1. Talk to G, and tell him that you are here to receive the mission.
2. You would receive a riddle: "To find the secret word, look near a lively game; pointing to the path with a rabbit in its name."
3. To solve this riddle, go to the ski mountain, and click the signs.

4. In the riddle, it said that "pointing to the path with a rabbit in its name.", that means read the word on the bunny hill sign!! It reads "mogul".

5. Go back to the sports shop, and talk to G again. Type in the secret word "mogul".

6. G will show you the prototype of the new sled. Bring it with you and go to the mountain.

7. A test run would appear. Use the sled on the test run, it would ask you if you want to test G's sled. Of course that's the mission!!

8. Answer yes, and start sledding!!! Move your mouse to maneuver the sled, it will follow you.

9. No matter how hard you try, you will crash, and that's normal!! Because the sled is badly built.

10. You will awake in some wilderness in Club Penguin. Grab the string and move to the right side.

11. Grab the survival guide, and move forward.

12. Grab 3 "o berries" (the bush), and move right a little bit. You can put all the o-berries into the same box in the inventory.

13. Shake the tree 3 times, and a pot will fall off.

14. Grab the pot and move forward.

15. You will see a bunch of puffles. Click on one of them to scare them away. However, the black puffle will still be there. Give it an "o berry" and it will turn into a fireball. Then, it will follow you. You need this to ignite the fire.

16. Move left and move forward.

17. Grab the ski stuck in the bush.

18. Combine ski, rope, and an o berry. Now you have a fish pod with an o berry as a bait. Move to the right side after that.

19. Move forward, and you are back to where the puffles were.

Move forward again to go back to the place with o-berries. Move to the far left side.

20. Move forward and you come to a place with a small stream.

21. Pick up the log on the right side. Move to the far left side afterwards.

22. Use the fish pod you just made to catch a fish!!

23. Pick up the fish you just caught.

24. Use the pot to get some water from the stream.

25. Go forward, and there's a cave for temporary shelter.

26. Click the bush, and it will open the cave entrance. Click the cave entrance to go into the cave. After you enter the cave, move to the far right side.

27. Click any of the stones (shown with red circle in the diagram).

28. Put the log in the middle of the circle

29. Put the Survival guide on the log. It will act as timber to help ignite the fire.

30. Give an "o-berry" to the black puffle again, it will turn into a fireball and ignite the log.

31. Boil the water and drink it (to drink the water, click on the boiling pot).

32. Fry the fish and eat it.

33. You will sleep for a few seconds and waken by some noise outside.

34.. Go outside and you will see an agent flying a jet pack down. He is the rescuer.

35. Talk to the agent, and you will be back in the sports shop. Talk to G, and you will finish the mission. Don't forget to get the medal and the letter!!

PS: If you don't catch a fish, you will not get the letter.