New Section!

Hey, everyone. I added a new section to this blog. It allows you to chat with other visitors of this blog. Here is a screenshot of it. If you want to chat, scroll down until you get to a huge chat box.
Sometimes the Admins and I come on.


New Pin!

There is a new pin during the Halloween party. It is a pumpkin pin. It is that tiny pumpkin right next to me (Dark Blader). It is found at the dock.

Halloween Party!

The Halloween Party has launched!! There is a Wizard hat (free; middle diagram), a mysterious light at the iceberg (see bottom diagram; also what I said), and a pumpkin for a light at the lighthouse (top diagram). Watch out Secret Agents! There is also going to be a new mission in November. Also, the jetpack will be released some time in November. And finally, the Club Penguin team will update the igloo music to match the Halloween Party music. (see below for news from the Club Penguin Blog)

From The Club Penguin Blog:

"Hello Penguins!

Well, as you can see, this is turning out to be one of Club Penguin's biggest parties ever! We hope you're all enjoying it so far. We worked really hard to make sure almost every room was decorated for this huge party! We would love to know what part is your favorite!

Also, we apologize if things run a bit slower this weekend. With all the new rooms and all the new players, our servers are working hard to keep up. Thanks for your patience and keep trying, it'll be worth it!

We'll have more news next week about a new game!"


New Furniture Catalog

Halloween is close at hand. Today, it creeps even closer to the streets of Club Penguin when igloo owners start haunting their homes with sights of the season. There will be a contest to decide which igloo is the spookiest! The new furniture catalog will be full of Halloween treats, so you can stew, steam or string decor in your igloo.

Hidden Furniture and Upgrades (and where to find them):

2000 Coin Stone Igloo Upgrade (bottom right diagram): Top-right Light in the Gym Igloo (in the catalog)
1200 Coin Fireplace (top right diagram): Bottom-right Leg of The Coffee Table (in the catalog)
5000 Coin Big Screen TV (top left diagram): Inside The Electric Stove (brown square)
250 Coin Puffle Pumpkin (wasn't able to display): Center Diamond of the 500 Coin Orange Rug

Important Dates

1-Year Anniversary (party hats) - October 24
Thriller igloo decor contest - October 27


Night-time In Club Penguin

Hi! Sorry for the delay of posts, I was working on something special... ;)
Anyways, during the Halloween Party, there will be an eclipse, causing total darkness (sneak picture at top)!!!

From the Club Penguin Blog:
Hello Penguins!

We're really busy this week gearing up for the upcoming parties and working on other top secret stuff, but I wanted to give you all the scoop on something I saw today. Apparently during the week of the Halloween Party, all of Club Penguin will be transformed into night time. More information will be available in tomorrows paper, but from what I saw today, its going to look really cool! This week has been so much fun getting ready for the party that we decided to sneak a screen shot to show you all. I hope this helps get you in the party mood, because I know we are! More news next week on the weird construction going on!

More news coming as time passes...


CP Trainer

If you have been here before, then you know about CP Trainer. I took it off because people said it doesn't work. But people have also been complaining that I didn't put it on anyways. So here it is, again... *yawns*

Club Penguin Trainer is finally released! This isn't much but it is pretty much all you need for your CP hacking needs. I am not sure still if the item hack is actually working or showing the item on anyone elses screen actually. I included an Item ID# list in a textfile(item#s.txt) which you'll need for matching the ID# to the item you want to hack. To get the coin hack to work correctly so that the coin amount you entered stays on your account is to turn on the coin hack before logging in - enter the amount you want - log in CP - turn off coin hack or w/e - log back into CP(this method might work for other hacks as well).

Account Hacks:

UserName Change Hack - Suppose to change your nickname in game but if someone can confirm if it actually shows on other peoples screen would be nice.

Acc Join DAte Hack - Changes the date which you have signed up for Club Penguin. Format: 2006-09-02

Acc Expire Date Hack - Changed the date which your account is suppose to expire but I don't think it actually stays on the account after changing. Format: 2006-09-02

CP Member Hack - Simply click this option whenever you log into CP to become a temporarary member.

Penguin Age Hack - Changes the days of how long your account has been active. You can use this option to quickly become an AGENT in game.

Num of Bans hack - Suppose to freeze your submitted ban # amount you specify but seems it isnt working or sticks to the account.

Game Hacks:

Swear Hack? - Suppose to enable swear words at any time and any world but seems it actually doesnt work so I wouldnt try it unless you want a temp ban =(.

Player - Avatar/Outfit Hack - Far as I know it isnt working so apparently you can only see the changes you do.

Player - Coin Hack - You must choose this option and enter an amount of coins you want before logging into CP. Once you have entered the amount leave the coin hack running and log into CP then log-off with it running. Log back into CP and you should now see the amount of coins you wanted earlier on your account.

Player - Color Hack - Suppose to change the color of your penguin. You also have 2 extra colors from what I've tested which are 14 and 15. I'm not sure if anyone else can see the changed color so please someone confirm this.

Room - My Room Music Hack - Changes the current music in your room but need must ReEnter your room for it to work. I'm not sure of the music ID #'s right now.

Room - Current Room Music Hack - Changed the current music in any room and keeps it that music ID #. Must ReEnter a room for it to start working.

Room>Ice Skate Mode Hack - Simply changes the movement of your penguin for any room as if you were in the Ice Rink room.

Room - Block Show/Trigger Hack - Simply shows which area of the current game room is triggered area/clickable(shown as green) and blocked out/nothing(shadowed) in the room.

Safe Mode Hack - Changes your chat to Standart Chat Mode for any world.

Happy Hacking!

DOWNLOAD HERE - CPTrainer2.zip
Club Penguin Trainer Update

Rsnail: HACKED!!!

NEWS: Rsnail has been hacked! I HAVE HACKED HIM (note: this pic is about 4 days old).

NOTE: If you don't know who Rsnail is, look at one of my posts, Creators Of Club Penguin! (should be on the front page)


The new pin (puffle pirate flag) is released today. It is in the pet shop, as seen at the bottom right.

Now for the PIRATES. I took a pic of the pirate ship. The pic is at the bottom left. It is right next to the lighthouse. If you go into the "store", you get a free eyepatch. And if you are a member, here is what you can buy:

250 C Safari Hat
400 C Admiral’s Hat
800 C Treasure Chest

See ya later!

-Dark Blader


From The Club Penguin Blog:

Hello Penguins!

Well, it's finally arrived! Captain Rockhopper has been out at sea for quite a while, but he's finally returned so we can see some of the cool things he's found while he was away.

I hope you're all enjoying this first phase of the pirate ship. That's right, we've got lots of cool stuff planned for future visits of the ship including new parts of the ship and possibly a game! I can't reveal any more, but for now, enjoy!

UPDATE: The ship has left Club Penguin. It will come back in 2 months.


Invention Takes Off! (In other words, JETPACKS!!)


Invention Takes Off
"Penguins aren't known for flying, but a group of Club Penguin scientists say they are about to change that.

Scientists began work on a new invention after leftover funds from the Lighthouse Restoration Project were given to them. It was decided the extra funds should be given to another project that would benefit to everyone in the town.

"Our invention will give all penguins the opportunity to fly. And who wouldn't want to do that?" said a scientist.

Scientists said the funding recieved has really helped
the project take off.

"Though there are still some details to work out, thanks to the extra help, developments are flying along," said a scientist.

Recently, penguins have reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) zooming across the sky at dizzying speeds between the Lighthouse, the Nightclub, and the Plaza.

The details of the project remain TOP SECRET, but scientist have confirmed each of these locations as future launch sites for their new project. The building of the first site began during the construction of the Lighthouse. And for several of the past weeks, scientists have been busy constructing sites in the Town and at the Plaza.

Closer inspection to the Lighthouse shows some damage to the platform,
possibly from recent testing. Scientists would not get into the details, but they assured us the platform is reinforced with fire-resistant, heat-resistant material and is built for rigorous testing.

Scientists would not say how the invention will work or even what its purpose would be. They did say when its ready, everyone will have a chance to try it out.

Until then, keep your eyes open and your head turned skyward."

Notice that in the picture at the top, the scientist has a box of crayons, and a rubber mallet (looks like toy hammer).

The scientist in the picture is G, the scientist that you talk to in the secret mission of Aunt Arctic's puffles! He makes the gadgets.


Spread The Word!

Hey, anybody who is reading this blog right now, IF YOU ARE A FAN OF CLUB PENGUIN PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS BLOG!! I will have the text and STW (spread the word) images here (put them in your e-mail or forum signature (possibly Miniclip forums)). Anyone who has supported the most will get a chance to be an Administrator of this blog. :) And besides, I really need more people. If you want to post on this blog, post your email address here.

STW- Text And Pics

(copy these words into your signature; I had to take a picture, BUT DON'T COPY THE PICTURE)

Or, if you want, here is the picture:

It may look ugly right now, BUT it is under progress, so let's call it BTPB 0.14.01.
To copy it into your signature, right-click it, select "Copy", and then go into your signature editor then press Ctrl+V, then save.

There you go!


Penguin Clubz (Clubs)

Hi everyone, I have my own Club in Club Penguin. We meet every Saturday at 3:00 PM (GMT -6 Hours).
(Country / Canada)
(Server / Yukon)
(Area / Dojo)
Be There!
It is called the Dark Club.
If you want your Club news to be spread (or join someone's club), post a comment here.

UPDATE: I also have another club, it's sort of an army-like club. Details are under. Under that is the positions. Leave a comment if you want to join. The club is called the CPCA (Club Penguin Continental Army).
(Country / Austria)
(Server / Antarctic)
(Area / Snow Forts)
(Day & Time / Sat. - 4:00)

1. Team 1 (Fireteam Alpha)
1a. Dark Blader
2. Team 2 (Bravo Team Beta)
3. Team 3 (Charlie Ice-1)

See you there!

New Catalog (and some stuff)

New Catalog!!
Hello Penguins! We'll October is officially off to a great start with the new clothing catalog. We've already seen a lot of clowns and super hero's running around town in what is shaping up to be a very exciting month! We hope you're all enjoying the first part of the catalog and yes, there is more coming. How much more? You'll have to wait and see, but I'm sure you'll love it!In other news... We upgraded some settings on our servers this afternoon which should speed things up for everyone! For about an hour during the update, Club Penguin was really slow, so we are sorry if you were trying to log in during that time, but hopefully the new speed is worth it! We're always working hard to make the Club Penguin experience even better!

More news to come next week regarding the mysterious ship on the horizon...


Club Penguin 1.2 Release

New Club Penguin Version 1.2!!!
Hello Penguins! I am proud to announce the release of Club Penguin version 1.20. We've been working hard on this for quite a while and we hope you enjoy it! Here is a list of all the new features and improvements.

New and Updated Features:
New and improved login system
Players have the option to remember their Penguin
Players have the option to remember their password
Enhanced content loading system
Players can now cancel when loading maps or newspapers
The server will automatic try to reload content if loading fails
Update: Puffles will now stay around longer before running away
Added "+" quick key to toggle screen resolution
Added new (separate) reporting for bad penguin names
Added spy phone to player card
Faster loading of the game!

Bug Fixes:
Fixed default color bug
Fixed enter key problem with chat bar
Fixed zero score bug when playing games
Fixed various item and furniture names
Fixed problem when viewing furniture after your membership expires
Fixed negative days when applying to be a secret agent
Plus lots more!

Hopefully you all enjoy this update! Please remember to only save your password on your home computer. If you save it somewhere else (like at school) , someone else might use your account without your permission and spend all your coins. Also, never give out your password to anyone other than your parents. Please remember that there might be some bugs with this new system, so please be patient and report all the bugs you find so we can get them fixed as quickly as possible. We'll update you on more stuff later this week.