Scavenger Hunt Answers...

Finally the light house Scavenger hunt has started!!!
There are 5 light bulbs to find.
The first light bulb (top left diagram) is in the mine at the entrance of cart surfer.
The second light bulb (top right diagram) is behind the pet house.
PS: click on some of the lights in club penguin, and you will get clues!
Now we get to the third and forth light bulb.
The third light bulb (very bottom right diagram) is a little hard to find, because it is hidden inside the wooden horse in the lodge attic!
The fourth light bulb (2nd to bottom diagram) is easy to see if you look up high; it is behind the top left speaker.
Move you mouse around the screen and you will find secret buttons that may lead to a light bulb!!
Finally we get to the fifth and last light bulb. The bulb (3rd to bottom diagram) is in the top crate stocked inside the boiler room.
After finding all the light bulbs, you get a light house player card background!!
This scavenger hunt was harder than the instrument one, but keep looking and you will find them all!! By the way, after finding all the light bulbs, look for the new pin! I will have info on that in my next post.

UPDATE: The Scavenger Hunt has ended... sorry for those of you who missed it.

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