Guide to Thin Ice--Level 1~13

Sorry for not posting, but I'm back! Here is a guide to melt all the ice in the new game called "Thin Ice." It's quite hard in the higher levels. If you are playing this game for coins, close the game when you get to a level that you don't know how to melt all the ice.
level 1: the easiest one. If you don't know how to pass this one, you are too stupid to play the game.

level 2: still super easy, just melt it all the way to the end.

level 3. starting to get a little harder... Just go through all the squares 1 by 1...

level 4. The path is getting twisty! Don't worry, just be aware of squares

level 5: in order to go through a plain, just do lots of S's

level 6: full of twist and turns, but it's all about going through an area, so just make S's

level 7: the new white block is introduced! You need to go through it twice in order to melt it.

level 8: just make opportunities for going through white blocks twice. It's pretty easy.

level 9: when going through a corridor with white blocks on the side, do S's and somehow go back the same corridor of ice.

level 10: be creative! Don't stuck in 1 method, try out different ones! Eventually you will find the solution! Also, be sure to get the key before going to the end!

level 11: Getting harder... If you observe carefully, you will notice that you can actually do an "S" right on 2 white blocks! This will get rid of them and not affecting any other blocks or the direction you are going!

level 12: There are lots of different ways to go through a passage, just try every possible way and eventually you will get the answer!

level 13: push the movable block to the box marked with a "x" !

If you have better solutions, please email me, I will post it, and give you credit.

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