New Catalogues!!

Two new catalogues--igloo and furniture catalogue are released today! In the igloo catalogue, there's a brand new feature--floors! Now penguins don't have to sleep and walk on icy snow! On the other hand, in the furniture catalogue, the entire book room collection is back! There are also new furnitures matching the winter fiesta style.

New igloo items:
terracotta tile - 680 coins
maple hardwood - 620 coins
green carpet - 530 coins
burgundy carpet - 530 coins
if you want to remove your carpet/floor, there's a floor removal service!! It only cost 20 coins!

New furniture items:
arm chair - 560 coins
Mexican vase - 320 coins
Mexican rug - 550 coins

There are also some secret items!!
Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo: click on the window on the log cabin

and you get a secret deluxe stone igloo!

Big Screen TV: click on the fish carving on the grandfather clock

PS: keep looking for secrets!!
Until then....
WADDLE ON!! *insert big smiling simily here*

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