Server Upgrade!!

As mentioned in the Club Penguin Developer Blog, Club Penguin is having a big server update tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9:00 pm(pacific time), users will not be able to login to Club Penguin during that time. This will make Club Penguin runs faster and more stable, so just be patient, it doesn't hurt skipping Club Penguin for 1 day or 2.

In other news, the new mission is finally coming! There will be a secret message in the newspaper (in tic-tac-toe code) that tells you more about it. Also, there's still some BIG secrets (including new rooms!!) in the Jet Pack Adventure that nobody has found yet, so keep hunting for it!

As many penguins have requested, there will be 2 new colors in the catalogue late November--lime green and lavender, they are already up in club penguin, but you can't get it unless you hack for it and hacking is no good (just kidding, happy hacking!!).

Until then,

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