New Clothing Catalog!

Hey everyone! There is a new clothing catalog! (the furniture will come later)

Here are the new items.

500 C Parka
300 C Snowshoes
625 C Pink Duffle Coat
250 C Blue Earmuffs
600 C Russian Hat
120 C Green Toque
550 C Black Letterman Jacket
200 C Pilgrim Hat
3 Backgrounds (Platform Background, Igloo Background, Zigzag Background)

Secret Items

480 C Ski Goggles - The "Wear" in "Winter Wear" (second page)

250 C Black Cowboy Hat - Light Brown Eyeglasses (tenth page)

150 C Blue Scarf - Feather Boa (sixteenth page)

750 C Red Viking Helmet - "X" on the Player Card - then click on the Viking Helmet on the penguin (last page)

1200 C Blue Viking Helmet - Viking Helmet on the Penguin (4 times) (last page)

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