Jet Pack Adventure!!

Finally A NEW GAME--Jet Pack Adventure is launched!! Go to the beacon and click the launch pad to play!! It has 5 levels:

Level 1: Beacon -> Town
In this level, you fly straight up at the very beginning, and you will get a bunch of coins. Then, fly to the right side and get those coins. If you don't have much fuel left, just fly around, there are fuel packs every where. In order to get through the windmills, fly in the same direction as the windmill, so it won't hit you.

Level 2: Town -> Plaza
This level is still easy. Fly alone the highest point, and you will see an extra jet pack. Collect it!! You will need it later on. After you get the extra jet, free fall until you see an extra fuel, you probably will be low in fuel now, so collect it, but be careful not to hit the bean bags and the anvils.

Level 3: Plaza -> Ice berg -> Mountain -> Cave
This level is the longest of all. First, you fly from the plaza to the ice berg. There will be coins around trees, but be careful in getting them because there aren't many fuel packs alone the way. When you fly above the water, free fall down, there will be fuel packs and bonus coins, but don't get hit by a fish/shark/buoy/hot air balloon!! After you passed the ice berg, and got to the mountains, fly alone the highest point. Eventually you will see a windmill with an extra jet pack stuck in it. Fly the same way as the windmill, and you will get the jet. Then, free fall down and you will get a fuel pack. Don't try to get the coins inside the branches unless you have lots of fuel. Finally after you fly over the highest mountain, you will get to the cave. That is the end of level 3.

Level 4: Cave entrance -> Ice cave
This level has lots of coins, but also very dangerous. There are 2 ways of passing this level.

The first way:
This is the easiest route. First, fly right and free fall down. Continue following the tunnel until you get to the lake in the cave. There will be fishes and lots of coins. Get them and fly to the far right side. Fly all the way to the top and turn right. Don't land on the launch pad yet, free fall down to the bottom and you will see some coins, a fuel pack, and a extra jet pack.

The second way:
You should only try this if you are a experienced jet pack flier. Fly right side and free fall down, a triangle warning sign should appear. Go through that tunnel. It's a short cut, but it's very narrow. The good thing about it is that you get lots of big coins. After that, if you feel like you want more coins, free fall all the way down to the underground lake. Fly to the far left side while getting massive coins. There will be a fuel pack there. Fly back and fly upwards until you reach the top. Then, turn right and free fall to the bottom. Get the fuel pack, coins, and the extra jet pack there. Then, fly upward and land on the launch pad.

Level 5: Ice cave -> Mine.
This level is mostly free-falling. Hold on the down arrow while you move left or right and you will save lots of fuel. Eventually, you will get to a point where there is a triangle warning sign. Fly up through that narrow tunnel and there will be a fuel pack, a few coins, and an extra jet pack. Fly back down and continue the free fall. When the tunnel split into 2, always fly through the tunnel on the left side. Eventually you will get to a place with lots of coins and a fuel pack. Get them all and continue free falling on the right side tunnel. After you get to the bottom, don't land yet, there are 6 coins on the left side. Then land on the launch pad. Congratulations, you've completed the game!!

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