Christmas Gift to You

Here is The Penguin Blog Team present to all of our visitors (courtesy Dendo Guy).

Club Penguin Coin Hack

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

I am going to teach you how to hack 999999 Coins on Club Penguin every time you play Jetpack Adventures. It may seem very complicated, but when you have done it 2-3 times, it gets so much easier.

1) Load WPE PRO (if you don’t have it go to http://wpepro.net/index.php?categoryid=9, it will ask you to log in, use Boomeyrang and Password boomey) and go to the Jet Pack Game

2) When it says “Do you want to play Jetpack?” Click yes but don’t Start the Game, go to WPE and Click Play.

3) Go back to the Jet Pack game and get about 6 Coins then Die. When you Finish click Collect Coins. Then Quickly Click Stop on WPE.

4) Maximise the Packet Recorder Box and go near the Bottom and look for 1 that Says send and a Load of Numbers and then your Score!

5) Right click on the Correct one and click Send. Put the Packet number up to 19.

6) Click on the number that you got for your Score or the number of coins you got (they are the same) and then type 999999%.

7) Click play Button and go to Club Penguin. It should say you have 999999 Coins!

There you go! I suggest doing this on a test account first.

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