Rockhopper Appearance

Captain Rockhopper appeared in Club Penguin and chatted with other penguins!! Look at the diagram and you know what I mean!! He could be anywhere in any server right now. I think he is probably a penguin controlled by a moderator...
If you don't get a chance to talk to him, it's fine, but keep an eye out for him all the time!!

Here are the places where he has appeared so far:
The Ice Berg, The Migrator, Snow Forts.

In other news, a new arcade game is on the way... it would probably be released in January or February. keep checking this site for more info.

The player card seems to be fake for many reasons.
1.) There is a winking smile for the "Add Friend" button.
2.) The buddy active sign appears in the top left of the player card, even though he is not your friend, which leads me to the next one.
3.) If he is your friend, there should be a find button. What do you know? It's not there...
4.) The picture of Captain Rockhopper shouldn't be over lapping the buddy active sign.

This leads me to the conclusion that Club Penguin made this player card in a hurry! Sloppy work!

Until then...

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