Lots of new stuff today!!
Captain Rockhopper's pirate ship--the Migrator landed at the beach today!! He brought back lots of great items including red puffles!! It turned out that my prediction was right--red puffles would be brought here by Captain Rockhopper. The most surprising part is that the they can be adopted by any penguin--including non-members and members!

It does lots of cool tricks!! Like it plays "bowling"--roll itself like a ball towards a bunch of bowling pins, and it likes surfing while taking a bath!! It also likes to play cannon-blaster, what I mean by that is if it's very happy, it will wear a helmet, climb into a cannon, and BLAST OFF!! Then, it will parachute down... Red puffles are by far the coolest puffle in CP!! When you feed it a cookie, it will throw it like a frisbee, and when it comes back, the puffle open it's big mouth and eat it!!

Here are some facts about red puffles:

However, you will not see those red puffles in Puffle round-up because they come from Rockhopper Island.

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