Zero-Coin Jetpack Challenge

Remember in the newspaper G said that some penguins are trying to pass the game without getting any coins at all!! Haven't you been wondering what does that do?? Well, you get a HUGE bonus if you don't get any coins at all!!

As shown in the right diagram, if you complete the game with 0 coins, you get 1000 coins bonus!! It's not that hard to pass the 0 coin challenge, and the reward is worth the work!! Here is how to pass each level without collecting coins:
level 1: pretty straight forward. There are lots of spaces for you to pass through.
level 2: be careful about the fans, try to fly below them.
level 3: the coins are mostly near the ground or sea, fly high up in the sky, and you can avoid every chance of collecting coins!!
level 4: at the very beginning, fly down against the ground at the very beginning, and probably you can pass those coins... The rest is easy. Also, remember to get the extra jetpack at the end!!
level 5: the most tricky level. Don't free fall too fast, instead because you probably have 2 extra jets by now, fly extra slow. When there are 2 tunnels to choose from, always go for the wider one.
How to land without fuel: hover above the launch pad until you run out of fuel!

PS: thanks Qazarpenguin for the tip!

Until then..

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