Help Icy Fresh 2!!

If you know Icy Fresh 2 (you probably do, he is known for his infamous site. Don't worry, we're buddies.), PLEASE SUPPORT HIM. He has many bad things happening to him because of hacking. (don't worry, I'm a good hacker, not like 1 Fiddy, who wrecked his site) Here are the things.
  1. Gotten banned from Club Penguin.
  2. Site wrecked by 1 Fiddy, explained later.
  3. Has been betrayed by one of his friends, Dapryn (1 Fiddy is using his account).
  4. Had to make a new account on Wordpress, Icy Frech 2, because Icy Fresh 2 was banned.
But, there is always the good against the bad.
  1. Got many people rooting for him.
  2. Everyone supporting him is technically spamming CP's e-mail with "Un-Ban Icy" titles.
  3. I am supporting him.
Now, about 1 Fiddy. 1 Fiddy is just a very evil person that wrecks EVERYTHING (friendships, blogs, connections, posts, etc.).

So, please support ICY FRESH 2!!!

RED HOT UPDATE: Icy Fresh 2's blog is now up and running thanks to Dendo Guy!! Yay! Visit it at flyboy6464.wordpress.com.

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