Lime Green Release!!

Sorry for the delay of posts...

Surprisingly, without any info given by the user, Club Penguin made up the pole percentages and decided to release the color, lime green!!

There wasn't a vote after all, this was decided all by Club penguin. That's why Club Penguin doesn't care if you vote a million times. I felt so sorry for people who want lavender. I personally hoped that both colors will be released since there was no way for Club Penguin to tell who voted for what color. However, I didn't think that Club Penguin would make up numbers and do unfair actions to the penguins!! If the votes were actually sent to the server, then Club Penguin should know how many penguins voted for lime green and how many voted for lavender!! Since they don't have this information, it shows that they are just making up numbers!! In conclusion, all this event was decided, CP knows what to do and the whole thing is planned out no matter what the penguins think and no matter how realistic it looked. This was all fake.

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