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If you have been here before, then you know about CP Trainer. I took it off because people said it doesn't work. But people have also been complaining that I didn't put it on anyways. So here it is, again... *yawns*

Club Penguin Trainer is finally released! This isn't much but it is pretty much all you need for your CP hacking needs. I am not sure still if the item hack is actually working or showing the item on anyone elses screen actually. I included an Item ID# list in a textfile(item#s.txt) which you'll need for matching the ID# to the item you want to hack. To get the coin hack to work correctly so that the coin amount you entered stays on your account is to turn on the coin hack before logging in - enter the amount you want - log in CP - turn off coin hack or w/e - log back into CP(this method might work for other hacks as well).

Account Hacks:

UserName Change Hack - Suppose to change your nickname in game but if someone can confirm if it actually shows on other peoples screen would be nice.

Acc Join DAte Hack - Changes the date which you have signed up for Club Penguin. Format: 2006-09-02

Acc Expire Date Hack - Changed the date which your account is suppose to expire but I don't think it actually stays on the account after changing. Format: 2006-09-02

CP Member Hack - Simply click this option whenever you log into CP to become a temporarary member.

Penguin Age Hack - Changes the days of how long your account has been active. You can use this option to quickly become an AGENT in game.

Num of Bans hack - Suppose to freeze your submitted ban # amount you specify but seems it isnt working or sticks to the account.

Game Hacks:

Swear Hack? - Suppose to enable swear words at any time and any world but seems it actually doesnt work so I wouldnt try it unless you want a temp ban =(.

Player - Avatar/Outfit Hack - Far as I know it isnt working so apparently you can only see the changes you do.

Player - Coin Hack - You must choose this option and enter an amount of coins you want before logging into CP. Once you have entered the amount leave the coin hack running and log into CP then log-off with it running. Log back into CP and you should now see the amount of coins you wanted earlier on your account.

Player - Color Hack - Suppose to change the color of your penguin. You also have 2 extra colors from what I've tested which are 14 and 15. I'm not sure if anyone else can see the changed color so please someone confirm this.

Room - My Room Music Hack - Changes the current music in your room but need must ReEnter your room for it to work. I'm not sure of the music ID #'s right now.

Room - Current Room Music Hack - Changed the current music in any room and keeps it that music ID #. Must ReEnter a room for it to start working.

Room>Ice Skate Mode Hack - Simply changes the movement of your penguin for any room as if you were in the Ice Rink room.

Room - Block Show/Trigger Hack - Simply shows which area of the current game room is triggered area/clickable(shown as green) and blocked out/nothing(shadowed) in the room.

Safe Mode Hack - Changes your chat to Standart Chat Mode for any world.

Happy Hacking!

DOWNLOAD HERE - CPTrainer2.zip
Club Penguin Trainer Update

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