Night-time In Club Penguin

Hi! Sorry for the delay of posts, I was working on something special... ;)
Anyways, during the Halloween Party, there will be an eclipse, causing total darkness (sneak picture at top)!!!

From the Club Penguin Blog:
Hello Penguins!

We're really busy this week gearing up for the upcoming parties and working on other top secret stuff, but I wanted to give you all the scoop on something I saw today. Apparently during the week of the Halloween Party, all of Club Penguin will be transformed into night time. More information will be available in tomorrows paper, but from what I saw today, its going to look really cool! This week has been so much fun getting ready for the party that we decided to sneak a screen shot to show you all. I hope this helps get you in the party mood, because I know we are! More news next week on the weird construction going on!

More news coming as time passes...

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