Club Penguin 1.2 Release

New Club Penguin Version 1.2!!!
Hello Penguins! I am proud to announce the release of Club Penguin version 1.20. We've been working hard on this for quite a while and we hope you enjoy it! Here is a list of all the new features and improvements.

New and Updated Features:
New and improved login system
Players have the option to remember their Penguin
Players have the option to remember their password
Enhanced content loading system
Players can now cancel when loading maps or newspapers
The server will automatic try to reload content if loading fails
Update: Puffles will now stay around longer before running away
Added "+" quick key to toggle screen resolution
Added new (separate) reporting for bad penguin names
Added spy phone to player card
Faster loading of the game!

Bug Fixes:
Fixed default color bug
Fixed enter key problem with chat bar
Fixed zero score bug when playing games
Fixed various item and furniture names
Fixed problem when viewing furniture after your membership expires
Fixed negative days when applying to be a secret agent
Plus lots more!

Hopefully you all enjoy this update! Please remember to only save your password on your home computer. If you save it somewhere else (like at school) , someone else might use your account without your permission and spend all your coins. Also, never give out your password to anyone other than your parents. Please remember that there might be some bugs with this new system, so please be patient and report all the bugs you find so we can get them fixed as quickly as possible. We'll update you on more stuff later this week.

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Sanitypenguin said...

But now, most of the cheats don't work (the ones with load.swf). The only good thing about this is the stop-loading function, New welcome screen, remembrance of penguins, and finally New newspapers!