Invention Takes Off! (In other words, JETPACKS!!)


Invention Takes Off
"Penguins aren't known for flying, but a group of Club Penguin scientists say they are about to change that.

Scientists began work on a new invention after leftover funds from the Lighthouse Restoration Project were given to them. It was decided the extra funds should be given to another project that would benefit to everyone in the town.

"Our invention will give all penguins the opportunity to fly. And who wouldn't want to do that?" said a scientist.

Scientists said the funding recieved has really helped
the project take off.

"Though there are still some details to work out, thanks to the extra help, developments are flying along," said a scientist.

Recently, penguins have reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) zooming across the sky at dizzying speeds between the Lighthouse, the Nightclub, and the Plaza.

The details of the project remain TOP SECRET, but scientist have confirmed each of these locations as future launch sites for their new project. The building of the first site began during the construction of the Lighthouse. And for several of the past weeks, scientists have been busy constructing sites in the Town and at the Plaza.

Closer inspection to the Lighthouse shows some damage to the platform,
possibly from recent testing. Scientists would not get into the details, but they assured us the platform is reinforced with fire-resistant, heat-resistant material and is built for rigorous testing.

Scientists would not say how the invention will work or even what its purpose would be. They did say when its ready, everyone will have a chance to try it out.

Until then, keep your eyes open and your head turned skyward."

Notice that in the picture at the top, the scientist has a box of crayons, and a rubber mallet (looks like toy hammer).

The scientist in the picture is G, the scientist that you talk to in the secret mission of Aunt Arctic's puffles! He makes the gadgets.

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