New Furniture Catalog

Halloween is close at hand. Today, it creeps even closer to the streets of Club Penguin when igloo owners start haunting their homes with sights of the season. There will be a contest to decide which igloo is the spookiest! The new furniture catalog will be full of Halloween treats, so you can stew, steam or string decor in your igloo.

Hidden Furniture and Upgrades (and where to find them):

2000 Coin Stone Igloo Upgrade (bottom right diagram): Top-right Light in the Gym Igloo (in the catalog)
1200 Coin Fireplace (top right diagram): Bottom-right Leg of The Coffee Table (in the catalog)
5000 Coin Big Screen TV (top left diagram): Inside The Electric Stove (brown square)
250 Coin Puffle Pumpkin (wasn't able to display): Center Diamond of the 500 Coin Orange Rug

Important Dates

1-Year Anniversary (party hats) - October 24
Thriller igloo decor contest - October 27

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