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Hey, anybody who is reading this blog right now, IF YOU ARE A FAN OF CLUB PENGUIN PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS BLOG!! I will have the text and STW (spread the word) images here (put them in your e-mail or forum signature (possibly Miniclip forums)). Anyone who has supported the most will get a chance to be an Administrator of this blog. :) And besides, I really need more people. If you want to post on this blog, post your email address here.

STW- Text And Pics

(copy these words into your signature; I had to take a picture, BUT DON'T COPY THE PICTURE)

Or, if you want, here is the picture:

It may look ugly right now, BUT it is under progress, so let's call it BTPB 0.14.01.
To copy it into your signature, right-click it, select "Copy", and then go into your signature editor then press Ctrl+V, then save.

There you go!

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Dark Blader said...

This is what your comment (or signature) would look like if you posted:

This is a really short paragraph. You could imagine it is really long if it helps you.

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