Halloween Party!

The Halloween Party has launched!! There is a Wizard hat (free; middle diagram), a mysterious light at the iceberg (see bottom diagram; also what I said), and a pumpkin for a light at the lighthouse (top diagram). Watch out Secret Agents! There is also going to be a new mission in November. Also, the jetpack will be released some time in November. And finally, the Club Penguin team will update the igloo music to match the Halloween Party music. (see below for news from the Club Penguin Blog)

From The Club Penguin Blog:

"Hello Penguins!

Well, as you can see, this is turning out to be one of Club Penguin's biggest parties ever! We hope you're all enjoying it so far. We worked really hard to make sure almost every room was decorated for this huge party! We would love to know what part is your favorite!

Also, we apologize if things run a bit slower this weekend. With all the new rooms and all the new players, our servers are working hard to keep up. Thanks for your patience and keep trying, it'll be worth it!

We'll have more news next week about a new game!"


Jsonne Chiue said...

i wonder what's that??

Dark Blader said...

FYI: Its the Aurora or the Northern Lights (I even said it at the bottom; by the way, PLEASE BE IN THE DARK CLUB).

Jsonne Chiue said...

ok il be in the dark club
see u next saturday